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October 11, 2008

Smacking up a Groovy demo in less than 10 seconds

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Write mvn groovy:console , and you will get a console where you can execute Java/Groovy code by typing ctrl+enter/+enter.

If I were to learn a new language, or Java from scratch again in the University, This way of packaging would make a HUGE difference!

What next?

The sweet spot for using Groovy is

  • Familiarity to Java developers. Paste in your favorite Java code, and it will compile
  • Java classes are imported and used as normal
  • Strings, Files and many other standard classes have been extended with often-used functionality
  • Handling stuff on the file system – copying, deleting aso
  • Parsing XML in a nice DSL
  • Simple SQL/JDBC
  • Binding together a Java application



June 27, 2008

Reading up on Groovy and Grails

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The good thing about Groovy is its likeness to Java, and reading Groovy code should pose no difficulty to a seasoned Java programmer who’s taken a days worth reading. The problem with Groovy is writing good code. Not because you do it wrong, but you can always write it better! As with Ruby, there are alot of nifty features in the language that shortcuts ugly code in Java. But, you have to know that these features exists before you can use them. Grails? It just might become the next dogma in Java application development!

This is the litterature list and resources I’ve used in my pursuit of becoming a Groovier developer:

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