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January 21, 2009

Publishing to Blog from Google docs

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Google docs has a mighty fine WYSIWYG editor for text.
To publish to your blog: Share -> Publish as web page -> post to blog


January 7, 2009

Finally, a decent media server for PS3

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I’ve been looking for a DLNA media server for streaming music and video to my PS3 for quite some time. And at last I can say that I’ve found a decent application for my streaming needs, PS3 Media Server. Most importantly, Its JAVA, Hooray!
What else? The application runs on Windows, Linux and mac, and is packaged with appropriate installers for the different OS’. Although the project builds on Ant, it could be worth looking into if it’s done nicely.
Now to solve the problem with my sluggish wireless network…

December 27, 2008

Teaching the internet generation to code

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My 12 year old nephew is a heavy user of Vista, abuser of MSN, scoundrel on teh internetzor, and is fair on english. I will not discuss how much further I was at that stage, but I believe that the creation of nifty GUI OS’ and xtrem good looking games has minimized the incentive of writing code to do stuff. So how do we teach coding to the internetzor generation and make it interesting for those with a short attention span? (more…)

December 21, 2008

Do we need WSDL?

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WaddleJoe Gregorio wrote a blogpost that asks if we need WADL, for describing REST services, and effectively WSDL. He argues that we do not need something as expressive as XSD every time we write a WSDL contract, and that we should avoid doing the same error with REST and WADL. (more…)

GStreamer, can do streamed music?

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I’m going to take a dive into GStreamer, to find out if it is possible to use as a mixer for my music application needs. I’m going to input music from different sources, do some adjusting of volume, effects and write to file or stream to the net.
Can someone give me some pointers to GStreamer, and possibly on Java?


December 19, 2008

PS3 doing Java – Sexy, and almost there

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The promise of what I have been investigating is that Java applications can be run directly inside the normal PS3 GUI, as well as other Blu-Ray players, without requiring any kind of hacks on behalf of the end user. It may not be the ultimate base for writing applications, but it should not be too hard to port applications, games and so on from other J2ME applications that exist for mobile phones and so on. Shoutcast player or Opera Mini on PS3 anyone? 🙂

This is a summary of developing Java applications on PS3 and Blu-Ray, in hope that someone else will pick up the loose ends.

December 9, 2008

Setting up a BD-J development environment sucks!

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I’ve recently looked at how one can set up a Blu-ray development environment for developing Java apps on a PS3.
The HDCookBook project seems like a good starting place, since you need alot of files to surround your BD-J Java apps when on the disk. Fine enough, but expect some hassle of changing file names if you want to put them on a memorystick.
Next step, run ant for compiling the project… You need to download “BDJ.jar”. You can find it AFTER INSTALLING NERO ON WINDOWS. Aaargh. Three hours later, we’ve found our bdj.jar.
Java ME SDK? It requires you to register at Sun… Ok, done that. Next step, Install sun_java_me_sdk-3_0-ea-win.exe on Windows. I HAVE A MAC!!! AHRG! Who needs multi-platform portable javacode when you can distribute it as .exe files!?

Do they even want people to develop on their platform? This is not inviting! And stop the stupid Ant stuff. Maven is the only way of distributing sourcecode and knowledge that works.

December 4, 2008

Bleeding Edge Technology

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Proverb of the day: Bleeding Edge Technology – It aint fun if it doesn’t hurt

November 30, 2008

On demand development IDE plugin as a resource to the source code

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A cumbersome task which everyone who wants to join a software development project, opensourcy or enterpricy, is setting up the development appropriately. This is becoming more apparent due to the new programming and scripting languages and frameworks like Rails which pop up every now and then. We are getting somewhere (Maven 2)when it comes to making sure the source code compiles and runs out of the box. But the development environments still need to be downloaded, installed, and configured (allthough Maven can help here) and license keys entered.

However, there is hope! (more…)

November 14, 2008

Does insta-backup Dropbox impress the blasé crowd?

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DropBox small logoI tried out dropBox today. Nice intro vid, simple app for mac which says that “Everything inside this folder is kept up to date with what’s on the web. If you do any changes, they are instamatically updated elsewhere” Not only that, but if you have another machine online that uses the same account and has the same file, they are automatically updated. Did I mention versioning?
One use is the shared-excel-spredsheet which holds all the current tasks and work in progress.


Wow, nice

now I can both do backup and collaboration with other people via the web. Next thought is; I’ve already thought out how I could do the same stuff with Subversion. Only thing is that neither me or anyone else had the time to implement it.

Are we blasé?

First people go “oooh, I’ve never seen anyone do that before”, 5 minutes later, they’re browse off to slashdot. Jesus would have a hard time finding a crowd these days.

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