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September 30, 2008

What I’m into right now

I thought I’d post updates on what I’m interested in, to give a glimpse of what I’m looking into and have moved away from. Perhaps I’ll have enough data to create a graph someday ūüôā

Up and coming

  • Neo4J – A graph store – no more ORMappings
  • Qi4J – A composite development framework, a new way of writing Java applications, a way of life
  • Groovy GRAILS – Excellent for prototyping Java stuff
  • Mercurial – When thinking different, why not Version Control as well?
  • Swing Appframework, Java6u10 – Propably the next big thing in Rich Internet Applications
  • Visualization of graphs – Am looking for a nice, easy API for creating several hierarchical trees that I can drag and manipulate
  • Amazon EC2 – Java enabled servers on demand!
  • Twitter, Blog, IRC -New (and revisited) ways of communicating intra-project/company
  • javaBin, JavaZone – Working with the JavaZone conference for a year was damn fun!

September 29, 2008

Mavenized Neo4J example

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The weekend after JavaZone, I was one of the participants on a “GeekCruise”, where we looked into emerging technologies such as Qi4J, Neo4J and Enterpricy stuff.
Matrix diagram
In short, Neo4J is¬†a network/graph database that promises to deliver Web 3.0, Semantic Web and RDF greatness.¬† (more…)

August 12, 2008

Remote debugging applications running from Eclipse with IntelliJ

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I’m not an advocate for using Eclipse or any of it’s relatives (IBM RAD). But on some projects, I can’t avoid having to use it because the project only works on in Eclipse.
As often as I can, I will try to use IntelliJ because of its superior user interface. But when the code can’t run from IntelliJ, I’ve set up a quick tutorial to setting up cross IDE debugging.


July 19, 2008

Pre and post condition validation with OVal as intruments of software architecture

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I have for the past couple of weeks been fiddling around with OVal – the object validation framework for Java‚ĄĘ.
Setting up a project to utilize OVal for the first time wasn’t easy, as you can read in my post “Problems with IntelliJ AspectJ plugin”.
I’ve created a simple Mavenized project, which should ease setting up, testing and getting an impression of the potential of OVal.

July 12, 2008

Problems with IntelliJ AspectJ plugin – SOLVED

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I’ve looked into Oval Java Validation Framework, which seems quite nifty. The problem with it is that it doesn’t work right out of the box if you want the extra bonus features, such as pre and post validation. For that you need AspectJ support, and for that… Well, lets just say your learning curve put on some weight.

This post is regarding solving an issue you may get when trying to use IntelliJ’s AspectJ plugin. When running the test I’ve added here from IntelliJ, You get the message:

Error: ExactAnnotationTypePattern was written by a newer version of AspectJ

June 27, 2008

Reading up on Groovy and Grails

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The good thing about Groovy is its likeness to Java, and reading Groovy code should pose no difficulty to a seasoned Java programmer who’s taken a days worth reading. The problem with Groovy is writing good code. Not because you do it wrong, but you can always write it better! As with Ruby, there are alot of nifty features in the language that shortcuts ugly code in Java. But, you have to know that these features exists before you can use them. Grails? It just might become the next dogma in Java application development!

This is the litterature list and resources I’ve used in my pursuit of becoming a Groovier developer:

June 25, 2008

The joys of Sun Spotting

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I’ve had one joyful day of tinkering with a SUN SPOT developer kit, courtesy of javaBin.¬†

June 23, 2008

Java Sorting Box for dynamically invoking receptors

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System color is not a requirement.The system I want to create must invoke the receptor’s call(x) with the objects from the pile that correspond the receptors interface.

I have a pile of objects of the classes; PinkTriangle, GreenSylinder and RedSquare, implementing Interfaces Triangle, Square and Circle, and a set of receptors; TriangleHole, SquareHole og SircleHole, who’s call(x) functions accept Triangle, Square or Circle interfaces (or children). (more…)

June 13, 2008

Dissecting Grails for Maven building

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Show me your war, and I will tell you how it does!

Upgrading a Java project from a legacy buildsystem to Maven involves lots of reverse engineering to understand how the application works. Starting to investigate a project by its deliverables is often the most easy, taking a working application and picking away piece by piece, like dissecting a frog, to see if it still works after some abuse and halfchanced guesswork.

I started by grails create-app‘ing a simple book tutorial grails app, and grails war‘ing it. The contents of the war were extracted into¬†src/main/webapp of a maven demo project, supported by groovy-all, GMaven (Groovy Maven plugin) and Maven Jetty plugin. (more…)

June 12, 2008

java.no as a student resource

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java.no, maintained by javaBin, is a resource for a mature crowd of Java developers.

The majority of newbie Java developers, are students looking for tutorials, demoes and code samples to¬†complete¬†their 101 programming homework. Alas, like The Serverside and InfoQ, java.no alienates new Java developers. Todays agenda is architecting billion dollar enterprise systems, improving project agility or Business Intelligence. It is way past telling how to write hello world or make a robot play soccer, and I don’t think the Java news resources ever have written how to. (more…)

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