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November 2, 2009

Open Sourcing the Business Model

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IT and Tech have started playing with open cards, exposing their handiwork and knowhow. What will happen if Business open up their inner secrets? Will the company still stay competitive? Will openness attract customers and open new prospects?


October 24, 2009

Making school bands cool again

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School bands are seen as uncool
How can we change that?

March 22, 2009

Facilitating web page error reporting

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Are there currently any products for facilitating reporting errors in web pages?

Problem description

A end user is browsing through your site, and stumbles upon a page which for him has an error or bug. It might be a mother-of-all-stacktraces shining at him, a number which is wrong or single space missing. Often, the end user is the only one who can see the problem, and it is difficult and timeconsuming to report through email or on the phone.
Preferrably, the user can send a screen shot. But it is a difficult process to explain, several manual steps involved, and the state of the application cannot be captured by a screen shot.

Possible solution

A “report bug” link which can easily be placed on every page, that when pressed, creates a report containing
* The offending web page as html
* A dump of all relevant state for the page
* A field where the user can type in what’s wrong
* A crude marking device to easily tell where the error is located
The report can then be emailed and fed to an issue reporting system.

Relevant technologies

A javascript library or reusable SiteMesh decorator or similar. Preferrably as little intrusive as possible.

Does this already exist?

Please tell me if it does! 🙂

November 12, 2008

Idea for create-archetype-from-existing-project plugin

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The project I’m working on is teh best, and I don’t have time to create an archetype from it! Why should I need to structure the project in a different way to create the archetype? If I do that, I cannot continue working on the code. The plugin should be able to rip out all the non-generic stuff, like groupId, projectId, folders, wrap them in templates so they are automatically filled and presto, you have a new archetype.

Idea for simple-jar-lib plugin

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Often, when one looks at someone elses project, the artifact dependencies are a mess! The jars litter a lib/ folder, and often have no version or groupId, and it would be beneficial to structure them into a local repository. Another case is when you wish to supply an artifact which is not located in any external repository, but wish to have it close to your project in the VCS, for convenience. And the artifact has no pom. I believe the maven-dependency-plugin has a similar functionality which can be used with legacy maven1 projects, which do not require the advanced folder structure, but still requires a pom present.

September 30, 2008

What I’m into right now

I thought I’d post updates on what I’m interested in, to give a glimpse of what I’m looking into and have moved away from. Perhaps I’ll have enough data to create a graph someday 🙂

Up and coming

  • Neo4J – A graph store – no more ORMappings
  • Qi4J – A composite development framework, a new way of writing Java applications, a way of life
  • Groovy GRAILS – Excellent for prototyping Java stuff
  • Mercurial – When thinking different, why not Version Control as well?
  • Swing Appframework, Java6u10 – Propably the next big thing in Rich Internet Applications
  • Visualization of graphs – Am looking for a nice, easy API for creating several hierarchical trees that I can drag and manipulate
  • Amazon EC2 – Java enabled servers on demand!
  • Twitter, Blog, IRC -New (and revisited) ways of communicating intra-project/company
  • javaBin, JavaZone – Working with the JavaZone conference for a year was damn fun!

June 18, 2008

June 15, 2008

Creating the next big idea

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Note to self:

  • Good Ideas are the ones that are simple to understand and take little time to implement
  • The more complexity in the idea, the more it will cost and risk increases
  • Stop when you’ve created a minimalistic prototype. Work should then be used on documenting it. What you have made now is most likely the most valuable part
  • Before you start implementing, make sure that the prioritized task is the one which gives the most value
  • Tasks should never be longer than ’til the end of the day. You will feel more satisfied and vigorous if you accomplished the task and can walk away from it with a clean concious, rather than beeing irritated of the work you still have to do, which you can’t start on for another week
  • Keep expectations low and commitments few until confident in delivering. It might be a painful to walk away from a project which doesn’t have the right of life
  • (more…)

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