What’s next

September 30, 2008

What I’m into right now

I thought I’d post updates on what I’m interested in, to give a glimpse of what I’m looking into and have moved away from. Perhaps I’ll have enough data to create a graph someday 🙂

Up and coming

  • Neo4J – A graph store – no more ORMappings
  • Qi4J – A composite development framework, a new way of writing Java applications, a way of life
  • Groovy GRAILS – Excellent for prototyping Java stuff
  • Mercurial – When thinking different, why not Version Control as well?
  • Swing Appframework, Java6u10 – Propably the next big thing in Rich Internet Applications
  • Visualization of graphs – Am looking for a nice, easy API for creating several hierarchical trees that I can drag and manipulate
  • Amazon EC2 – Java enabled servers on demand!
  • Twitter, Blog, IRC -New (and revisited) ways of communicating intra-project/company
  • javaBin, JavaZone – Working with the JavaZone conference for a year was damn fun!

Same old

Knowledge Sharing, Wiki, Ideas, Architecture, RFID, Sun Spot, Music, Topic Maps, Maven, Linux, OS X, Continous Integration, Mockito, Testng, REST

Moving away from

Hibernate, Spring, Web, Integration, Grid Frameworks, Web Services, Windows

Current projects

  • Music DJ program
  • Neo4JDemo
  • AnarQi4JDemo – Qi4J
  • JavaZone RFID applications JavaZone RFID Heltepils Duke

Closed projects

  • Web applications on demand – Gigaspaces , web apps
  • Kvittr – Grails, posting sms and emailing based on an RSS Feed
  • Ultimate Roundtrip – A scaffold for improving development roundtrip for web applications with Maven, embedded Jetty and JWebunit webtests
  • Webugger – Embedding a Groovy console efor debugging web and applications with high roundtrip


  1. What is AnarQi4JDemo??

    Can I have a look somehow?

    Comment by Niclas Hedhman — January 14, 2009 @ 5:04 pm | Reply

  2. The AnarQi4J demo is mostly a PoC of the stuff we tested out on the Geek Cruise with Rickard http://wiki.community.objectware.no/display/EA/Emerging+Technologies+-+the+future+of+enterprise+pojos
    In addition with some stuff I wanted to test out with Qi4J. Sadly, I have not continued development for quite some time. Mostly because the learning curve of getting the grips of Qi4J is steep, and it can perhaps be overkill for quick’n dirty test’n’throwaway projects where Groovy/Grails are a nice fit… But, this observation was done quite some while ago.
    If you want feel like taking a look, the code is on Mercurial: http://freehg.org/u/stig_lau/anarqi4jdemo

    Comment by stigl — January 14, 2009 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

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